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A few words by: Vincent Dunn

FDVT is a fire department training association dedicated to protecting lives of firefighters through training. NFPA 1500 states that fire departments should have a standard operating procedure in writing for all fire and emergency scene operations. FDVT is committed to bringing you training videos that can be the basis for standard operating procedures. The videos will be a primary source of fireground strategy, tactics and firefighting survival.
FDVT (Fire Department Video Training)
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Copying, duplicating, reproducing, lending or renting this video tape or accompanying printed material is forbidden without permission in writing from FDVT. This film is licensed only for direct optical projection before a viewing audience. All other rights or reproduction, including television cable or satellite, are prohibited.

Executive Producer: Vincent Dunn

Production Company: Audiovision Inc.

Booklet Design: Dunn Design

Building Construction & Facade Collapse is the third in a series of videos based on firefighting, search, rescue and survival. FDVT will bring you experts from all over the nation, narrated by Vincent Dunn, Deputy Chief in the FDNY. An author, lecturer, and contributing editor of Fire Engineering Magazine and Firehouse Magazine. Chief Dunn is a recognized expert on fireground training.

This tape comes with a 7 page booklet Instructor's Guide, items included are as follows:

Instructor's Guide: this video is designed for use in a classroom or firestation.
Course Guide: Building Construction & Facade Collapse
Session Topic: How to identify facade collapse dangers during a structural fire and how to safely extinguish a fire.
Type of Instruction: lecture, video, discussion and written test.
Additional Reading: Essentials of Firefighting, IFSTA, Chapter 15; Building Construction For The Fire Service, Brannigan, N.F.P.A., Chapter I; Collapse of Burning Buildings, Dunn, Fire Engineering, Chapters 2 &5; Handbook of Fire Protection, N.F.P.A., Section 5, Chapter 9, p. 132 & 150; Section 6, Chapter 3. Training Aids: blackboard, chalk, television and video recorder.

Note. instructor should use the Lesson Plan as a study guide for a lecture. Then the video should be shown. Next use the Questions for Discussion to obtain a group response to the video. Finally, the Quiz should be used to evaluate the information learned.

Lesson Plan

1.The facade is a front wall of a building and includes the following:
a. a parapet wall
b. a marquee or advertising sign
c. a canopy
d. a cornice


a. A parapet wall is a continuation of an exterior wall above the roof level.
b. A marquee is a large metal structure attached over the entrance of a theatre or store.
It is used to display information about the show or store.
c. A canopy is a cloth, wood or metal covering over a building entrance designed to protect people from weather.
d. A cornice is a horizontal ornamental construction along the entire front wall of a building near the top.

3. The history of facade collapse:
a. A canopy collapse in Chicago during a fire in a stockyard building killed 22 firefighters in 1910.
b. A marquee collapse in New York City during a fire in a furniture store killed 6 firefighters.
c. A parapet wall collapse in Altoona Pennsylvania during a fire in an electric storehouse killed a firefighter.
d. During a fire in a row of stores a cornice collapse killed a firefighter in Los Angles County, California.

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