Vintage Fire houses of the Past

Engine Company 31 was organized on October 20,1865. It served proudly in the above firehouse. It was disbanded on November 25, 1972..

This firehouse is now a landmark building that houses The Downtown Community TV. Center.

About he Abandoned Firehouse ( former Engine Company 31 )--The heat and the noise in the little loft on Canal Street was unimaginable. But when Jon came up with his plan to move DCTV to an abandoned firehouse everyone thought that he was nuts. The building was full of rubble when DCTV moved into the second floor. There was no plumbing or electricity. For the first few months everyone carried around a hammer instead of a camera. By the time the roof was patched and everything legal and usable, (taking about $450,000 in real money and a sweat equity) the city seized the building from the owner. What followed was two years of lawyers, documents, and paying rent to the city until they sold DCTV the building. In return the city demanded the rebuilding of the sinking foundation. They estimated to cost $200,000. It actually cost $800,000. DCTV had a new home.

The Downtown Community TV Center

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