FDNY Baseball Club

FDNY "New Yorks Bravest" Baseball Team 1930. Donated by the New York City Fire Museum

The baseball images are circa 1930. The man at the top with the baseball cap is FF Joseph F. Kuhn.

His father drove a hose wagon in Brooklyn Engine 245.( See Engine 245 )

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FDNY "New Yorks Bravest" Baseball Team 1999.

They were playing the REF Mariners Baseball Club when they both saw FIRE.

They dropped the bats and ball and ran to help. Two people were rescued, in my opinion both teams won!

The FDNY Bravest baseball game went into over time today, when they were interrupted by an All Hands!

Queens box 4503 at 137th Street and 32nd Ave. at 14:55hrs 4/10/99

The Mariner did a fine job with a garden hose while the Bravest searched and removed two victims.

Photos by: Don Van Holt, Webmaster ( F.D.N.Y. HOME PAGE )

Tim Keller putting the Pitcher in the ambulance, I took the photo for a change!

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